Mrs. Shailaja Nair
24.06.1960 - Forever...
Because those we love never go away, they walk beside us everyday, Unseen and Unheard.

"Keep her in Thine arms, O Lord, Now that she is Thine;
Love her as we loved her, With a love that is divine."

- Nair & FEI Family

Our Loving Madam was the Sun of FEI and we were the Planets around her. Suddenly the sun set on 09th September 2007. But the rays still shine.

We come across many people in our life but a few leave and enduring mark on our life, even after they leave this world. Shailaja Madam was one of them. When I listen to my heart, it still says that she is present and with us only. And when it comes to Madam I would like to only listen to my heart.

I have already lost my mother a year and a half ago. Now we have lost her. Her loss cannot be compensated. She was like a mother to all of us.

"Never say Shilu is no more" - No please Shilu is such a pure person. Shilu will guide you and help you in future too. What you need is faith and you will experience her presence.

"A poem entangled in my chest, lines fastened on my lips, words like butterflies won't sit still on paper. I sit for so long with your name on this blank paper. Your name just your name exists; Could there be a better poem?"


In-House Communication Excellence

At Shailaja Nair Foundation, we realise the importance of keeping people connected on a personal and tangible level. We have always valued the art of written communication and the role the print media plays in bringing together the employer, employee and their respective families. The most important tool for this is an in-house magazine, in print.


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