"A poem entangled in my chest, lines fastened on my lips, words like butterflies won't sit still on paper. I sit for so long with your name on this blank paper. Your name just your name exists; Could there be a better poem?"
- Nandu

"Unforgettable personality. Meaningful hospitality. Nothing artificial. That’s Shilu."

I was probably too busy with all the rituals that I did not think of it. But, now when I am sitting at the airport, I realized something. I lost somebody who loved me and my Dad. We were her only priority in life. I will miss that importance all my life. I know this is a fact and a reality in my life and I will have to accept this. But there is another fact and reality, I will never be able to accept this and I will continue to look out and wait for my mother. The only thought that comes to my mind is WHY GOD?? WHY MOM?? My Mom was the best. She made me and dad work harder, work smarter. When we did something right she was the first one to congratulate us. When we did not come up to her expectations, rarely she had such an occasion, she told us about the next opportunity. We had our good and bad times and I will always remember all of them. Dear Ma, mama I miss you! I miss you a lot and I am sorry for everything I did wrong. I really do not know what will happen to dad and me. Nothing in our lives will ever be the same and for sure not even close to good again! I will always miss you! No, we will always miss you."

Yours, Pappu/Abhijeet

“Shilu – My Life Partner, It was strange, how we met, how we liked each other. We were from two different planets. But there was an air of mutual respect from the first time we met. We discussed, debated and even fought on almost all issues from love, hygiene, cleanliness, money, business, bringing up our child, you name it. Every time I changed, I did it for you. Every time you changed, you did it for me. In the 23 years (7 days short) that we lived together, we both had come out of our respective planets quite a lot. Until the last day there was always freshness to our relationship. We always behaved (and also felt) like newly married. There was always a new aspect of each one’s life that we discovered. None of our fights lasted more than 24 hours. When I was hurt I would go to the garden for a long walk or to the temple. When you were hurt, you had no place to go or no one to speak to, and you would cry and cry & wait for me to come back & patch up. You prayed to your Gods to give me whatever I worked for. Whenever a crisis arose, you kept your faith in Him & told me never to feel bad. When I was either deeply hurt or worried, you would keep me with you like a small boy & take care of me. I will miss you forever.”


Shilu dear,
"Measured by miles you are far away,
Measured by thoughts you are closer today,
Measured by closed eyes I find you with me,
but measured by heart you are found in me."
with tons of love


You were everything to me. There is nothing more to loose than this. You are with us and it will always be like that – Your loving sister.


“Dearest Shilu Aunty, I keep remembering many of your building picnics and kitty parties that I hosted with you. The many days that I dressed up at your home because you loved to dress me up. I don’t think I can ever note my thoughts in a few lines. All I know is, I cannot, or rather, it is just not possible to remember you because you need to remember only those you can forget. Lots of Love.”


“All I can see is your smiling face, which will always inspire us. You have taught everyone to have faith in God and live the moment. Hope we can imbibe this in our lives and spread this message. You will be dearly missed by all of us.”


“Oh Almighty, please take care of our dear one. She has taken care of you and also advised people to do the same. Now its your turn. We all were one family and will remain one”


Her glowing smile and the halo effect which she carried can never be forgotten.

Mathews & Family, New Delhi

“Shailaja was one of the best neighbors. We had 17 years friendship. We had a great time at kitty parties. She was a very lovely personality.”


“God was so cruel to take you away. He has taken only your body. Your soul is still with us. It will be with us forever.”


“Never say Shilu is no more”. No please Shilu is such a pure person. Shilu will guide you and help you in future too. What you need is faith and you will experience her presence.


The school sports day when you were always first and I was always last to cross the finishing line. How could you just go leaving us all so devastated?


“She was everything for me. I will always remember her in my life”


“She will pray for you all and send all good things and blessings”

Heny and Pauline

“I am really sorry about the irreparable loss and pray for the departed soul to rest in peace”


She still lives in our heart, she was a child to me. We miss her. God didn’t listen to us


“She was a shining star. But unlike the ones in the sky, her aura will always be there within us…”

Surabhi, Madan Mohan Anu and Vipin

“Shilu Aunty, I still feel your presence around me and it will never fade away. I think I should stop missing you because you only miss a person whose presence you cant feel… You are present in each and every way within each one of us at all points of time. You were just too good to be true and I am sure that God needed you. That’s why he asked you to be with him. Love you lots”


“A big vacuum has been created by her loss. She was my dearest friend. We had shared so much. I have no words as I myself can’t believe what has happened.”

Usha, Gopinath, Ritesh, Reena

I take the liberty of calling you my little girl although you are married and have a grown up son. You are an irreparable loss to me and my family and we’ll miss you so much

Rajappa Mama

"My dearest darling Sis (baby). I look at others but see only your face. I wished to be like you and live life to the fullest. You taught me to love myself. You told me to pray when I was down. I keep praying. This is the worst nightmare that I have had and I will wake up from it and you will be with me. Love you always".


"Shilu Aunty was the most rocking aunty I have ever been with. The love she had for each one of us was never exhibited but it was well understood in her actions. She was an angel for me and even a mediator between God and myself. Please be with us & spread her spirit in each one of us. Love u always"


“Shailaja the gentle person whom we knew, the fond memories we had during your visit to Colombo will linger in our minds forever! We will miss her. May her soul rest in PEACE!”

Isham, Ratiz, Arshq, Ishaaq & Mushy

You were very optimistic. Your memories shall last with me always till I shall live. I wish you would come back in this family as Abhijit’s daughter. Love you Lots


“Whenever we used to come to study, aunty used to treat us likes her own kids. She was so loving and caring”


"It was this faith of yours which initiated me to bring Ganesha home for 1-1/2 days. I know this made you very happy and I promise you Shilu, that as long as I live, I will carry on with this tradition. I pray that you remain happy wherever you are. Love you forever."


"Unforgettable personality. Meaningful hospitality. Nothing artificial. That’s Shilu."

Abdul Haque

I feel that my daughter became alone without you. We lost your company. We always wished you had been there for her.


"Your presence is felt everywhere, specially early mornings when you used to visit the temple. Humble, sober and a pleasant personality, you’ll be missed everywhere."

Dr. Shekhar Algundgi

"Just hope that wherever you are you be happy and hope that you see how you are missed by everyone over here who had really valued you as a person."


"I wished you on your birthday, wherein I prayed for your good health & prosperity, but all is in vain. You should always be here, that is what I wish. Hope my wish comes true."


An ever smiling lady with courage and hospitality. We remember the day we met you first time on your wedding at Sion. A beautiful young woman married to an enterprising young man and progressed in life.

Mohan & Usha

"Dearest Shilu Aunty, the small & insignificant lollipop that I used to harass you for, or the day of your wedding when I insisted to go with you. Post your marriage I probably drifted away from you, but you gave me a younger brother who in many ways is a reflection of yourself – a person with a golden heart. You will not be around on one of the most important days in my life but I’m sure your blessings are with each one of us. Love you."


"I felt many times, you were my daughter though I never had one. I have never seen someone who is so God fearing and a true worshiper of ‘Lord Ganesha’, I am amazed to see the number of ‘Lord Ganeshas’ you had around you. But I am very sorry that inspite of prayers by all of us, Ganesha was not able to help you."

Shivan Chettan

"No words can express the pain that is felt. A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunty …. all roles did she fulfill. We feel her loss and grieve at it. At this time we must remember the person and how she lived – the ever energetic and blissful aunt, she touched all of us. Honour her, rejoice her life and pray in your thoughts, for she is in heaven smiling and happy, watching over us."


We loved our Shilu Aunty and I keep thinking of the times that all of us used to play carom and cards and be together and how Shilu aunty used to be a part of the energy and life of everything. Every time I pray I wonder if I should be angry with the lord but feel that maybe He took her away for a reason. Mom always told me that Lord takes good people early cause He gets lonely. I just want to believe it because there can be no other explanation.

Venus and Lalena

"When I think of Shilu, I remember her collection of Ganapathi Idols. I thought it was just a collection like anything else. As I came to know her more I understood her deep seated faith in God and her belief that nothing happens without Almighty’s knowledge. Her visits to temples even during flood conditions are something to emulate. She would not step out of her house with out doing Pooja. Her faith guided her during the accident of Abhijeet. I do not know anybody else who had that much faith. I know God had special plans for her and she is with Him now. But I will miss the way she made all of us feel special."


" We pray to God to let her soul rest in peace."

Shanta Pappan

Dearest Aunty, Always wanted to call you “Mom”. Earlier, I thought it was too early but now I realize that it’s too late. All the time that I have spent with you, I have only loved you more and more – not because you were Abhijeet’s, my best friend’s Mom, but because of the person you were. I loved your enthusiasm about everything that you did and I loved your approach towards life. I always wanted you to be with us. Everything would have been so very different. When I come to your home I see the difference. It is so incomplete without you. Love you lots “Mom”


Your youthful exuberance and childish enthusiasm used to light up the room every time you used to walk in. Hope you are in a better place and spreading the joy there also.


“We seek solace that at least for us, the only picture that come in our mind is a smiling Shilu Aunty. We will always remember her as our loving and cheerful aunty, who always wanted to live life to the fullest.”

Nithin & Rose

"I pray to God to give peace to the revered departed soul & grant courage to you & your family members to withstand the irreparable loss."

N D Behere, CEO, Janakalyan Sahakari Bank Ltd.

"I and my family will always remember Madam."


You will always encourage and guide us to move further in our lives successfully. We are sure that you will always be there in our hearts till the end.


"It had been along time since i met her.. I guess wen we guys went to haridwar.... but it feels like yesterday... the amazing time that i have spent with aunty can never be compared.... going to the amusement park and my most memorable trip of all... going to Goa!!! Shailu aunty is just like amma to me... but the only feel good factor is that appa up there needs company... so his favorites are been asked to climb up the ladder first.... We guys still have a long way to go... and rest assured we are there for each other." Love u lots


"From my heart I always admired you and you were a second mother to me. you should not have left Sir and Abhijeet so early. Please complain about this to God and make Him understand not to do this to others in future. I love you."


"Unforgettable personality. Meaningful hospitality. Nothing artificial. That’s Shilu."

Abdul Haque

We are distressed, I cant take it and Dominique and Marianne stay voiceless.

Patrick MOULY, Air Cargo Service (CDG)

“Shaylu” was her husband’s pet. I never heard anyone else call her by that name. I always admired her way of talking, her expressions … on track! Never forgetting humanity. Never afraid of others. Happy living together in harmony, she knew the true essence of life. She always positioned ethics, morale & values in front of her. These were embedded in her mind & heart. Never diverted from her principles & values even while progressing in luxuries. “Shaylu” had set herself an example. She has shown the world what a true human is. Even the greatest mountains rise from the ground – that was Shaylu! All these values are now buried under the sands of time.

B. Radahakrishnan Nair, Chief Fire Officer, Cochin Port Trust

“I cannot express how sad I am, not even can tell you that I might know how you feel, but can say that I am proud having met your wife. I wish you all luck and all the power to stand these “dark” times…”

Sebastian – your German friend

“We are very sorry to hear about the loss of Shailaja, your partner and wife. Our thoughts are with you and Abhijeet and the whole FEI team. She was very kind and lovely person who wanted you and Abhijeet and all who met her, all the best”

Morten Kam Knudsen and Your friends at Breinholt

This is truly a very sad day for all of us to learn of the demise of very lovely woman and dear friend. We share in your grieve and loss. On behalf of the entire IWA group, please accept our deepest condolences.

Edmund & Maria

“I am so very sorry for your loss – Shailaja was such a sweet lady. Words cannot really help at a time like this, but pl;ease know that our prayers are with you and your family. I will pray that God will comfort your heart and ease the pain.”


“When I read this sad message, I called Marianne to share with her this sadness, and immediately tears came in our eyes. Many souvenirs with Shailaja come to our mind – dinners, cinema, shopping, jokes… I pray for her soul rest in Peace forever.”

Marc Porta General Manager, AIRTRANSA

“I’ll always remember having lunch with Shailaja and you at the Chinese restaurant in Mumbai and of course the gift from her that is placed in the middle of our living room. What an elegant lady! May the wonderful memories of Shailaja keep you as strong as ever (she would want it that way for you!) as you will need her positive strength that will always vibrate in your life.”

David Reynolds

I had the pleasure of meeting your wife in Belgium a couple of years ago and will always remember her as the very happy and friendly woman that she was… She will always be remembered!

Mette Lene

“I have very fond memories in the short time that I met her and a lovely warm smile which also radiated in her personality… a great loss.”

John F O’Brien, Navistar Logistics UK Ltd.

"I pray to God to give peace to the revered departed soul & grant courage to you & your family members to withstand the irreparable loss.”

N.D. Behere, C.E.O. Janakalyan Sahakari Bank LTD.

“I have already lost my mother a year and half ago. Now we have lost her. Her loss cannot be compensated. She was like a mother to all of us.”


Shailu as was one of the best, caring and friendly advisor and colleague to me. Her memories shall always linger in my mind. A lively and beautiful person.


“Nothing can compensate Madam’s absence. She was full of life and her memories cannot be destroyed. Everything around us will remind us that she is along with us always.”


“Whenever I go to the accounts dept. and see that empty chair I still feel that you have gone with Sir and will come back in a week’s time. I am unable to express my feeling. Missing you m’am.”


“I was shocked to hear the news today. No body could believe it. She had a lot of dedication and contributed to the development and empowerment of FEI in many ways, I was personally thankful to Mrs. Nair during my service in FEI.”

Leo Fernandez

What started as a client-agency relationship, soon came to an end. We already felt part of the family, and then… suddenly… Now, working on this newsletter was the most difficult job ever. Every picture, every message would haunt us with the same question – why was God in such a hurry??

Superage Team

“We are sorry to hear the news of sad demise of your beloved wife Mrs. Shailaja P. Nair, Founder Director of FEI CARGO LTD. On behalf of the President, Members of the governing council & staff of the INDO-FRENCH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY (IFCCI) we convey our sincere condolences to you & your family. May the Lord give you strength in these sad moments.”

Arun Kumar Rai, Deputy Manager P R & Business Promotion

“It is the body that has disappeared but the sold foundation of bond will keep the essence alive. Now the relationship dwells into stillness. Stillness is the language that God speaks. So you are connected to the inner space after having experienced the change & will love the departed soul even more as you are now attached to the formless. May God give you strength to bear this loss in its physical form & wisdom and courage to experience the Essence/ Effervescence/ Values being transmitted, that emanates from the soul of the departed to defeat the designs of the Ego.”

P. Sehgal, Escorts Ltd.

"On behalf of the INDO-VIETNAMESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY and my own, it is my sad duty to convey you our deep sense of sorrow at the passing away of your beloved wife. Kindly accept our heartfelt condolences in your bereavement and convey the same to other members of the family. May Almighty give you the strength to bear this irreparable loss."

Jitendra Sanghvi, Executive Secretary

We have lost a loving, caring, inspirational and strong personality and the vacuum created by her demise is impossible to be filled. She will always remain with us and we will never forget her for sure.

Vaibhav Malap

A humble attempt to pay tribute to Mrs. Shailaja Nair. Her name speaks for her qualities.
S piritual
H ard Working
A mbitious
I nnocent
L eader
A ffectionate
J ovial
A rdent

CA Rakesh Mehta

Dear God, I am writing this letter to you because I still believe that You think only GOOD for all of us. On 9th Sept 2007 you took away the most lovable person of our family, our DEAR MADAM, MRS. SHAILAJA P NAIR. She strongly believed in You and she was one of the very few who trusted You and prayed You without expecting anything from You. Now that she is with You, I request You to take very good care of her. She is the most innocent woman I have ever met and by now You must have also felt there same. Her heart is as transparent as water and her love is as selfless as a mother’s love for her child. We all loved her a lot but probably, You loved a little more than we did and that is why You called her to You…”


“I still remember madam leaving officer for her trip to Europe all smiling bidding us all goodbye. Everyone of us was wishing her a happy journey. None of us ever thought that her journey would be so long and she would never return back to us. She was a very positive person. She was very dynamic and strong willed. She was a perfect planner and equally perfect at executing her plans. She was very kind and approachable by everyone in times of need. Her absence will be felt by all of us everyday.”

Aditya Tewari

This is not fair… and I refuse to believe it… We all know Shailaja as a very warm person, strong woman behind you and a very good mother and friend… When tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we are far apart – for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart…

Marc De Laet – for Team Europe

Though she was the Director of the Company, she never acted like. She was a down to earth person and mingled with all of us as a very normal and common person. She used to personally take care of all the staff members. The way she used to tell us the work, it was difficult for an individual to refuse it. I strongly believe that she has left us only physically but mentally she is there with all of us in our hearts reminding us of our duties, responsibilities and our aim to take FEI to greater heights.

Vilas Salve

“Even though she was one of the Directors she was just like one of our best colleagues to whom we would go with any little or big problem and she was there as a mother to welcome you with an open heart. I’ll cherish the memories of charismatic, dynamic, enterprising and beautiful Madam all my life. I feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to work under her able guidance. I personally feel I should not cry, instead do a little better work every day to pay my humble tribute…”


“I had the chance to meet her and see her full of life, with a beautiful smil all the time being so kind. I’ll always remember her dressed in that green emerald Indian dress wearing with all the pride and grace of being from India. I’m sure you did all you had in your hands to help her and that’s what matters. As you know everything has a cause and effect and nothing comes for no reason. She will be always next to you and I’m sure one day you will meet again, this is only a temporary situation.”

Moises Davila

“My wife and I had already the experience of losing our son Tom. It was about 15 years ago. Sometimes life is not right at all. Did we do something wrong that this happens to us? Thousands of questions rise and most of them will never be answered. The mourning is still too fresh and deep to accept your big loss. With time you will learn to accept it, but you will never forget, and you don’t have too. People need to be remembered.”


“Today whatever I am I owe it to her. She was the one who offered me a job at FEI Family without even seeing me personally. With her support I have grown to this level. Her absence is an irrecoverable loss to me, the FEI team, and all those who were associated with her.”


“It still remains a surprise as to why you have left all of us and chosen heaven. We will remember you in our prayers. You will live with us forever in our hearts and inspire us and guide us from wherever you are.”


I’ve no words, I’m near you and your family. What happened is unbelievable. I’ll never forget the beautiful time spent with you and Shailaja.


“During a brief chat when I was being interviewed by Madam, I could feel her concern about the people she had employed and that was so genuine, it made me feel good about the organization almost instantaneously. In a true sense she was the “Mother” of the organization.”

Jayonto Roy

“She was the symbol of peace, affection, kindness and honesty. In short, she was an ANGEL who came from HEAVEN and went back.”


“All of us liked her very much. FEI family is incomplete without my loving madam.”

Deepali Parkar

Our lovingly Madam Mrs. Shailaja P. Nair was not only a director but also the Mother of FEI.


“I am speechless; I don’t know what to say.”

Michel Derksen, VAT Logistics (Amsterdam) BV

“Three years of my journey in FEI – she was always with me like a mother, sister, advisor, carer & what all I really don’t know to express. Now I feel as If I lost my eyes & I couldn’t see anything. Even yesterday I dreamt about her. She was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t hear. Sometimes even God becomes selfish and takes away our dear ones very soon from us.”

Smita Pillai

“I had the luck to know personally your wife and I can easily affirm that Shailaja was a fantastic woman proud to be your wife. She was so nice, clever, hospitable and kind person… Even if we worship different dogma, I know my prayers and my message will reach Shailaja in heaven.”


There was no director – employee relationship. She never acted as a director, she was among one of us only and no one can take her place.

Sarita Panchal

“Even if we do not know Shailaja since a long time, we felt her kindness and happiness at our wedding.”

Klara and Vincent Gramoli

“I was extremely shocked and sorry to hear about the sad demise of your wife, Shailaja. I had the pleasure in the past to interact with her, though briefly, she had made good impression and a fine lady that she was.”

Anand Didwania

“She was like a blooming flower spreading her fragrance with her sweet smile.”

Sandhya Nair

I lost my mother in the year 1997. When I saw her, I felt like I have got my Mom back.

Bala Ramesh

“Some people touch you in a very special way even though our association was new and short; you both were in fact one of those people who leave lasting impressions. We are glad that we had one opportunity to meet her and that memory is still so fresh in our minds, we wished there would have been many more, but God has His own designs. We pray for her peaceful journey to her heavenly abode.”

Rahim & Valerie, Baroda

“It is difficult to imagine…”

Vladimir Popov

“What can I say. I can not believe it. So young, so gentle, so kind. What a shock!”

Ruud and Rianne Vat, VAT Logistics (Rotterdam) BV

Our Loving Madam was the Sun of FEI and we were the Planets around her. Suddenly the sun set on 09th September 2007. But the rays still shine.

Jaya V. Pillai

“Be sure that I share your pain. I will never forget SHAILAJA.”

Jean Marc ROUDAUT, Sea Freight department – Excess le Havre

“We come across many people in our life but a few leave and enduring mark on our lives, even after they leave this world. Shailaja Madam was one of them. When I listen to my hear, it still says that she is present and with us only. And when it comes to Madam I would like to only listen to my heart.”

Rajesh Meghrajani

“Each one of us is shaken, as she was not only our mentor but an idol for any one who knew her.”

Prosenjit Guha

“I am working in FEI only because of my loving Madam. I couldn’t speak Hindi or English, yet my Madam appointed me and inspired me to do my work. Suddenly she disappeared but her presence will be felt everywhere.”

Saritha Ranjith

“Our beloved Madam will always remain in our memory with love, respect and honour. She is our idol and we always pray to God to give peace to her great soul.”

P. Radhakrishnan

“Due to space constrains, we could not publish the hundreds of message that we have received. However, we acknowledge all of them, and thank you for your mental support.”

Pratap Nair