Stanosh Trophy Winners Team Mizoram

Round 1 of the MRF Formula Ford 1600 Championship.
Location : MMRT Circuit- Chennai, India

FEI Cargo has joined hands with WIFA, Maharashtra’s Football Governing body, to support their ongoing campaign to promote grassroots football in the State.

The objective of the alliance would be to raise much-needed funds and interest for football in the state and these will be pumped into grassroots activity being conducted by WIFA.

Spearheaded by FEI’s Chairman, Mr. Pratap Nair, the first initiative by this alliance is a grand felicitation ceremony for the newly crowned Santosh Trophy Champions, Mizoram. This will be preceded by an exhibition match against a select team of WIFA XI, on June 5 2014.

His Excellency Shri. K Sankaranarayanan, the Governor of Maharastra has graciously agreed to Kick Off this match at the Cooperage Football Ground, which boasts of a new artificial turf, with floodlights to boot.

WIFA and FEI appeal and encourage all sports lovers to contribute generously to this noble endeavour to recognize and celebrate the Mizoram team’s glorious achievement, a hitherto unacknowledged football team who are now National Champions and secondly and importantly to raise funds for the development of the sport.

It will be the endeavour of the alliance to spread the game of football throughout the state and felicitate the winners of the Santosh Trophy annually, growing in scope and scale each year with your active support and encouragement.

One can contribute by buying perimeter boards which will be displayed at the Cooperage Football ground during the Match. Each Perimeter Board will be of 8ft x 3 ft and will cost Rs. 25,000 each, contributions also accepted for inside pages at a cost of Rs. 10,000 each.

TEAM Mizoram

Victory tastes sweet. Especially when it is a David V/s Goliath kind of tussle. Today Mizoram has taught many of the States that investment in infrastructure, dedication of its office bearers and the perseverance of the players can bring about wonders. They have sweated out on the field training hard to enjoy the Sweet Taste of success.

Once relegated to a lowly place in the league Mizoram has risen head and shoulders above the rest and won the 68th edition of the Santosh Trophy against the formidable Railways Team.

The advent of the IPL for cricket has spawned many iterations in the varied sports fields with the IHF and MFA adopting the same format to entertain the crowd. The MPL which started two seasons ago exposed the raw talent available in the state to the world of competitive football and laid the foundations for all the dreams and aspirations of the local team to take flight.

The journey towards this goal started for the team about 3 years ago when Hmar who took over the MFA helped in putting in place a system and a road map to take Mizoram Football forward. To the credit of the organisation both the Junior and Senior teams have won the national championships.

The state governments efforts for promoting the development of the Sport at the Grass Root level has drawn much praise by the All India Football Federation. This has been modelled around the FIFA Model. The list of players who have made it big for the state is long and it is likely that there will be many more names added to the list as the days go by.