Unsung Heroes

Angel Xpress Foundation

Anubha Sharma and Beenaa Advani are founders of Angel Xpress Foundation, an organisation committed to empowering the educated affluent, with a desire to give back to society, with the means to do so in an impactful manner for the betterment of underprivileged children from the slums of Mumbai.

Anubha and Beenaa both gave up lucrative professional careers to start Angel Xpress Foundation.

Thanks to this foundation, hundreds of citizens of Mumbai have found the opportunity in reaching out to more than 800 underprivileged children in parks and promenades across Mumbai, with education being their important focus which includes music, dance , theatre too.

Her foundation imparts English lessons daily to 2000 children in vernacular medium municipal schools. Angel Xpress are open to share and offer its services to all who might wish to adopt their format.

Dr. Nidhi Bajaj Gupta

Dr. Nidhi Bajaj Gupta is a successful and compassionate physiotherapist and healer. She combines scientific principles with spiritual energy and has cured many cases.

She has also seen a miracle in her own life, with her mother being healed from stage 4 brain cancer through faith and natural healing.

Nidhi also works with children with special needs to help them achieve significant milestones.

She firmly believes that the body is deeply connected to the mind and soul, hence she uses the concept of holistic healing.

Her gratitude to the three pillars in her life - her beloved guru, Mahatria Ra, her father, Prakash Bajaj, and her better half, Parikshit Gupta.

Manjushree Patil

Manjushree Patil is the Founder Director of Aatman Academy a school for customized learning school for children with learning disabilities, difficulties, and differences which is now in its sixth year!

A deep thought of helplessness of not being able to do much beyond simple workshops for these children inspired Manjushree to give up a flourishing career in main stream education and start Aatman Academy.